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2021-2022 Class Options

Cornerstone Lutheran Preschool serves children ages two years through five. The program seeks to introduce children to a variety of developmentally appropriate learning techniques and experiences. The activities of each session are planned around a flexible schedule consisting of the following: worship time, age-appropriate academic learning, arts & crafts, music, developmental centers, Bible lesson time, play time, story time, outdoor play or large motor skills exercises, discovery time and learning centers. 

2'sTuesday/Thursday (short)9-11:15 am
2'sMonday (long)9 am-1:15 pm
2'sTuesday/Thursday (long)9 am-1:15 pm
2'sWednesday/Friday (long)9 am-1:15 pm
2'sMonday/Wednesday/Friday (long)9 am-1:15 pm
3'sTuesday/Thursday (short)9-11:15 am
3'sTuesday/Thursday (long)9 am-1:15 pm
3'sWednesday/Friday (long)9 am-1:15 pm
3'sMonday/Wednesday/Friday (long)9 am-1:15 pm
4'sMonday/Wednesday/Friday (short)9-11:15 am
4'sMonday/Wednesday/Friday (long)9 am-1:15 pm
4'sMonday/Tuesday/Thursday (long)9 am-1:15 pm
4'sMonday through Friday (long)9 am-1:15 pm
5'sMonday through Friday (long)9 am-1:15 pm

Please Note:

  • Children must meet the August 1 cutoff date for age of each class.

  • Children in 3’s classes and above must be fully potty trained to enroll.

  • Children in 2’s and 3’s classes may be enrolled in more than one class. For example, a 2 year old may be enrolled in the Monday only class as well as the Tuesday/Thursday class. Please be aware they may have different teachers and rooms for each class session.

2021-22 SCHOOL CALENDAR: Click Here