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Who We Are

  • Our Mission and Vision

    Jesus knew His mission. He knew what the outcome of that mission would be, and He knew what it would take to get there. At Cornerstone, we also have this sense of mission and vision. We are not called to be saviors, that is only Jesus. We are called to be reaching, caring, and building so that the next would be encouraged in the wonder of following Jesus.

    Our Mission

    Established in Christ, Cornerstone Lutheran Church is building God’s kingdom by reaching beyond ourselves to bring people into a caring community.


    Our Vision

    We are here to encourage the next in the wonder of following Jesus.


    Who is “the next”? 

    • The person who doesn’t know Jesus or have a saving relationship with him.
    • The person who knows Jesus and wants to grow in their faith.
    • The person who is becoming a leader in our ministry and beyond.
    • Our future sites and churches being empowered for the purpose of sharing the Gospel.
  • Our Strategy

    Relying on the power of the Holy Spirit working in and through the baptized people of God, CLC seeks to enlarge the kingdom of Christ’s grace as we grow at our current sites while expanding meaningful ministry to other locations in Central Indiana and around the world.

  • Life. Revealed.

    Our tagline is an invitation to, as well a description of, the grace of God in Jesus Christ. In describing the incarnation of Christ, John writes in his Gospel, “In him was life, and that life was the light of men”(John 1:4). In the person and work of Jesus Christ, God became a human being. Why? To bring us life! As the light of the world, Jesus shines into the darkness and chaos of sin. His death on a cross and his resurrection give hope to a dying world so that all who place their trust in him “shall not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).

    We are in the “LIFE” business! As the word of Christ is shared and his sacraments are administered, Jesus and his love are REVEALED. His grace shines in us and through us so we not only experience life in Christ, but we also share his love with others.

  • Our Story

    In 1976, in the growing Indianapolis suburb of Carmel, Indiana, 130 individuals committed themselves to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through Christ-centered Word and Sacrament ministry as a church of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS). Through this humble start, the Holy Spirit has worked mightily in our midst. As Christ’s name has been proclaimed, an increasing number of souls have been added to Christ’s kingdom. These disciples have committed themselves not only to this ministry but also to the launching of several area congregations.

    Now numbering more than 3,000 souls, our passion has only intensified to reach our community and beyond (Acts 1:8) with the life-saving and life-changing message of our Lord Jesus Christ. Plans for expanded ministries continue to be envisioned and implemented. With each step we take, several distinguishing characteristics help to shape our vision and direction:

    • We are a family-oriented ministry that values each and every human being as an individual whom God loves and uses in the work of his kingdom.
    • We are a congregation that is embracing and growing in what it means to be fully-devoted disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    • We are a church that values worship, the study of God’s Word, and service to our local communities, and the fellowship that comes as a result.