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Event Application & Forms

Need to schedule a baptism or plan a wedding? Reserve a room in one of our facilities? Sign up for altar flowers? Find out more, below!


  • Schedule a Baptism

    We would be happy to help you schedule a baptism!

    Christ commands us to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19). As a result, Cornerstone Lutheran Church conducts baptisms for individuals of all ages. As a part of our life together as a church family, baptisms normally occur during one of our worship services. However, special arrangements can be made for a private baptism if that is preferred.

    In the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, water and God’s promises connect the baptized individual with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This sacrament is an outward sign of our salvation and God’s unending promise to us of forgiveness and new life in Jesus Christ. Baptism is once and for all, and because it is God’s gracious act on our behalf (Titus 3:4-7); it is for people of any age.

    If you desire baptism for your child or yourself, first email Ashley Wedmore or call 317.814.4252 to schedule it. Then, please fill out one of the following forms:

    Child Baptism Form

    Adult Baptism Form

  • Schedule/Plan Your Wedding

    Congratulations! Getting married is a blessed event and our church would be happy to play a part in your union before the Lord. To inquire about date availability, first email Ashley Wedmore or call 317.814.4252. Once you have confirmed date availability, fill out the form below along with a $100 deposit to secure your preferred date.

    Wedding Reservation Form

    For detailed information on planning your wedding, download a copy of our booklet, "Planning Your Wedding". This publication has the answers for many of your questions regarding the proper planning of your union at Cornerstone Lutheran Church. For further information email Ashley Wedmore or call 317.814.4252.

    "Planning Your Wedding" booklet

  • Event Application (Reserve a Room)

    Welcome to the Cornerstone Lutheran Church (CLC) Event Application page. It is our honor to partner with our congregation and our community as we seek to offer varied ministry and event opportunities that fit within the mission and vision of CLC and meet the needs of our church and community. We ask all visitors and disciples at CLC to follow the steps below as they request the use of any of our facilities: 

    1. Fill out the ONLINE EVENT APPLICATION. Please complete the application well in advance of your activity to have the best chance of securing space. You can also download a PDF of the form HERE.

    2. The event will be reviewed for approval and the event contact person will be notified regarding the event status. This process includes but is not limited to the approval of the following: dates, times, event purpose, set up and equipment needs, childcare availability, etc. You will be contacted after your application is received either for further questions about the event or outcome of the approval process.

    3. Once an event has been approved, any subsequent changes (in time, number of attendees, cancellations, etc.) must be communicated as soon as possible prior to the date of the event.

    **All event requests are subject to approval. Some events may require a use and maintenance fee.**

    Please contact Craig Huffman (click here to email, or call 317.814.4252) with questions.

  • Carmel Sanctuary Altar Flowers

    Carmel Sanctuary altar flowers* can be given in honor or memory of someone, or simply to the glory of God.

    All flowers are ordered by the church office through Oberer's Flowers in Carmel. (Matching bouquets are scheduled for each week. Therefore, flower type or color choices are not an option.) Click on the link to find our more and to fill out the form.

    Carmel Altar Flower Sign Up

    * At this time altar flowers are displayed only in the CLC Carmel Sanctuary.