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Expanding Communion Volunteer Opportunities

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Expanding Communion Volunteer Opportunities

Communion is a wonderful and central part of who we are at Cornerstone. We receive the means of grace from our Lord every time we are fed at the table of our Lord. The body and blood of Jesus in, with and under the bread and wine grants us forgiveness of sins and strength for our journey of faith. The foundational Lutheran truths remain unchanged among us.

The method by which we receive Holy Communion is going to look a little different at Cornerstone. We will have women assisting in the distribution of the elements alongside their Christian brothers. This change represents an acknowledgement of several truths: 

  • The distribution of communion elements is not a position of authority, but of service under authority.
  • The authority of the Lord’s Table lies with the Lord himself and with the pastor who presides over the Table as a part of his pastoral office.
  • Women are already active in the preparation of the Lord’s Supper, setting up the altar, replenishing elements, and removing all elements after the completion of the meal.
  • Women already serve in many aspects of ministry life at Cornerstone including in public worship as acolytes, ushers, readers, singers, and musicians.
  • This change of service opportunity is not intended to make a statement about pastoral ministry.
  • This expanded service opportunity in no way changes what we believe the Lord is granting us in Holy Communion.

The pastors of Cornerstone first made the decision to move in this direction four years ago, but various issues have prevented its enactment. One of the biggest disruptors was COVID and a rather radical change in the way Communion was received during the last two years. This change in Communion practice will allow our Christian brothers and sisters to serve together joyfully and faithfully.

Holy Communion takes place at all our sites on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th weekends of every month. (In Lent, Communion will take place every weekend.)

Please contact your site pastor if you are interested in serving or have any questions. (Site pastors are Pastor Max Murphy, Carmel; Pastor Kevin Thomson, Fishers; Pastor Victor Minetola, Indy).