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Military Ministry

Our Military Ministry at Cornerstone is here to reach out, care for, and build military personnel and their families towards maturity in Christ. Those served by this ministry are friends and families of those at CLC that choose to serve in the military - both members and nonmembers. This ministry sponsors different service projects throughout the year and supports several non-profit organizations that assist our military.

How can you help?

  • PRAY: Choose one of our military personnel to pray for daily.
  • HELP:  Participate in Military Ministry events.
  • WATCH: Keep an eye out for upcoming new programs and opportunities to minister to our congregation's soldiers.
  • SHARE:  Let us know if you know of a troop or a soldier that needs prayer and support.

Join the Team!

Are you interested in supporting our active, reserve, retired, and homeless veterans? Get involved with our Military Ministry team. Contact Madeline Luther via  .

Help us honor our veterans & those currently enlisted

We want to honor our congregation's veterans and enlisted military personnel. If you are a disciple at Cornerstone Lutheran and are a veteran or currently enlisted, or know someone from Cornerstone Lutheran who is, please let us know. We want to pray for them and honor them throughout the year! To update us on military personnel, email Madeline Luther via  .